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New Wellness Magazine Poised to Help Where it is Missing

PraiseWorks - Press Release


Contact: Lynnis Woods-Mullins
Tel: 916-706-7565

Praiseworks Proudly Launches New Magazine "

With numerous magazines, and newspapers out, you would think everyone would have something to turn to and read. Surprisingly, a health and wellness company, Praiseworks, has found that women in their 40's+ have no magazine to address their needs when it comes to health, diet, and fitness.

Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - different backgrounds, same journey is an online magazine for women 40 and over. The goal of the magazine is to help women pursue total wellness for their mind, body and spirit through sharing information about holistic practices and fitness.

The magazine will have at least five monthly columns, 2 feature articles, and health blogs all written by some of the premier experts in the field of health and wellness for women.

The magazine will be distributed on-line. The magazine has already generated a huge buzz and currently there is a distribution list of over 50,000 people. The magazine attracted some of the biggest names in the field to contribute and help.

The pre-launch will be in June through December with 3 magazine releases and the official launch in January. Each issue will focus on a component of wellness. The first pre-launch issue will be about the "Wellness Woman" we are featuring women from various backgrounds who have gone through some kind of adversity and were ultimately triumphant during their journey to wellness. The August issue will be about the Body, October issue the Spirit, and January is Mind and so forth.

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI is the Founder and CEO of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness a faith based company that provides products, services and events to help women along their journey to total wellness for the mind, body and spirit. PraiseWorks also produces a weekly radio show, gives webinars, has coaching programs, and produces fitness DVD's and CD's.

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If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Lynnis, please contact at 916-706-7565 or email at

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