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Total Wellness Transformation

Total Wellness Transformation


Have you tried to get your weight under control, but the more you try the more difficult it is to lose those extra pounds?
Do your friends tell you "well that’s just what happens as you age?"
Do you often stare in the mirror and wonder, who is this woman?
Do you secretly believe:

  • It's really hard to release weight in mid-life?
  • Nothing can be done about the flab on my arms, waist, and buttocks?
  • Gravity happens and barring surgery, nothing can be done?


You don’t have to accept the extra weight gain, you don’t have accept the flab, and you don’t have to accept the way you are feeling.

You can say YES to:

  • Dropping the inches and pounds
  • Firming up your arms, buttocks and defining your tummy
  • Feeling positive, upbeat and energetic

Mind, Body, and Soul

The Transformational Trio is bringing you a program that can give you total wellness transformation for your mind, body, and soul. A program that uses fitness, nutrition, spiritual renewal and holistic practices to get fit, look fit and stay fit for life. A program that is affordable and will give you the results you want, if you are ready to commit to getting focused and if your ready to commit to doing what’s necessary to make a lifestyle change that will transform your life for the better.



Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Holistic Wellness and Living Expert,
is the nutrition guru and will take you on a nutritional journey to help you get the results you want.

Lynnis’s program includes:

  • Weekly healthy and tasty meal plan
  • Weekly healthy recipes
  • Healthy DeTox
  • Weight Release, Energy Increase Smoothies
  • Subliminal Messaging Videos
  • Weekly Affirmation/Confirmation Videos
  • Yoga and Walking Weight Release Program
  • Weekly Lifestyle Change Challenges
  • 40% off 1:1 Holistic Living and Weight
Total Wellness Transformation - Lynnis Woods-Mullins - Praiseworks

"I have learned that releasing weight takes a lifestyle change involving your mind, body and soul. Releasing weight is a journey that requires we address making a lifestyle change that honors that connection between the mind, body and soul"
Lynnis Woods-Mullins – Holistic Wellness and Living Expert for Women Over 40



Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen
will use the holistic practice of tapping that will have a strong impact on how you view yourself and undo the negative programming that contributed to your weight gain.

Keisha’s program includes:

  • Monthly mindset training
  • Weekly turbo tapping
  • Monthly tapping masterclass
  • Self-confidence & self-esteem processes
  • Clarity and focus processes
  • Weekly mindset challenges
  • 40% off all offers including 1:1 Mindset Mentoring
Total Wellness Transformation - Keisha Dizon - Praiseworks

"Even being incredibly smart women, being honest, sometimes we take ourselves down first. Even if you are very good at hiding it, there is a cost to self-doubt, and it shows up in your health, your weight, and your body confidence. 
You can change your inner level of confidence and self-esteem. There is a way to transform this, and we are here to guide you."
Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen



How Does This Work?

All of the sessions are held in a closed Facebook Group. You can work at your own speed and go back into the group as often as you like. Total Wellness Transformation is a three-month program and you will have immediate access to the group. After three months you can always opt to sign-up again for another great experience with the Transformational Trio, the great services, education and motivation we provide as well as all the other members of the group.

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