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Destress The Mess

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Destress The Mess, My story and Coaching Programs


When I first started PraiseWorks I had a serious health issue – I was stressed out, anxious all the time, and a basket case. "Worry" and being "Stressed Out" was a way of life. I thought everyone felt like they were going straight down hill on a rollercoaster without restraints when they first wake up in the morning. Imagine that? I thought feeling stress out, scared and full of worry was the way life was. I also learned that what might have been an emotional or mental illness (take your pick) could soon turn to a health issue and that I need to do something to reduce the results of stress and anxiety on my body. I needed to survive!!

Over the last four years I have created a program for myself that I want to share with you. It has given me more energy, kept me fit, reduced my emotional eating urges, and I finally feel a sense of peace and joy in my life that I have never felt before. I have learned how to "DeStress The Mess!"

Destress The Mess

Destress The Mess - Praiseworks


Are you sick and tired of feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious all the time?
Are you having problems with sleeping, focusing, digestive issues, low energy, irritability, health problems?
If this sounds like you, this course can help!


Stress and anxiety disorders are at an all-time high. Stress and anxiety disorders can all lead to chronic disease, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and more. People with stress and anxiety disorders are three to five times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those who do not suffer from stress and anxiety disorders ( It is tragic to know that stress and anxiety can cause such serious issues for your physical and mental health.

The question is how do you stop the madness of stress and anxiety? How do you basically "destress the mess" while changing your mindset? How can you get rid of that "overwhelm feeling", that feeling of exhaustion after a full nights sleep, and the feeling that if one more thing happens that isn't good you are going to "explode, lose it, blow your top"?

This course teaches you that you can have control over those anxious thoughts and stressed out feelings. There are tips, tools, and techniques that can aid you in ridding yourself of anxious thoughts, stressed-out feelings, and plain old unhappiness. You can make a change and learn to put your self-love and self-care first. This course gives you 21 tips (DeStressfirmations™) that you can do to chip away at the feelings and physical issues that stress and anxiety bring.

I suffered from serious stress and an anxiety disorder. I was on medication for a while but decided that I wanted to try something different. I didn't want to be on pharmaceuticals and definitely didn't want to suffer from the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I am not saying that pharmaceuticals are all bad, but what I am saying is there are other things you can do to help get rid of that feeling of overwhelm, anxiety and stress. Over time I have used holistic methods that have made a huge change in controlling my anxiety and the impact of stress on my mind, body, and spirit. I call these tools and holistic practices, DeStressfirmations™. I still use many of them today. They have become a part of my daily self-care.

This course is full of information that will help you to destress the mess and live a life that is more joyful! You will learn how to:

  • Effectively manage stress and anxious feelings
  • Use essential oils that will help with relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety, and mild depression
  • Start your day in a positive way (suggestions on how to do it)
  • Select foods to eat that will decrease the impact of stress on your immune system (and make you feel better too)
  • Use holistic coping tools to manage stress and anxious feelings
  • Enhance your mood by using different herbs
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your body by using vitamins and supplements
  • Chase away anxiety using easy to learn breathing techniques
  • Get rid you of that "anxious" feeling almost immediately by using a simple technique that works
  • Exercise to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Do simple meditation practices that with the help you to lose that feeling of "overwhelm" and stress
  • Increase your focus and concentration
  • Reduce stress by using different holistic methods (many you can do immediately)
  • Naturally balanced hormones that can positively impact feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Find pressure points on the body that will help relieve the feeling of stress

…..and much more!

You can take this course at your own pace. You can go through one DeStressfirmation™ a day or do all of them in one day. Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure, these DeStressfirmations™ will change your life.

You will truly enjoy this course. The goal of the course gives you alternative tools that will help you to reduce your stress, change your mindset to a more positive one, and enhance the joy in your life.

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