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"The Wellness Journey - Live" Radio Show

The Wellness Journey Live -  Radio Show - Tune is as Lynnis guides you to total wellness for Mind, Body, Soul


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"The Wellness Journey - Live" offers a crossover education on the fun and simplicity of "wellness." Through the incorporation of "anybody’s" today realities, the show touches both for the moment and continuing themes.
All places of life space for the average individual will be the backdrop for "wellness" education delivery, with a focus on holistic practices that meets and builds on the needs of the mind, body, and spirit in the life as we live it.
Our topics will cover how to integrate wellness in our daily lives, by providing tips, interviews with experts within the field of health and wellness, interviews and chats with women who share their experiences and actively speak to you to facilitate achieving total wellness by using holistic practices and fitness, and providing an abundance of resources for you to explore.

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If you would like to learn more about what PraiseWorks has to offer, Please browse our website, and don't forget to Contact Lynnis if you have any Questions or Comments.

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