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DeStress the Mess - Survival Kit

All of the DeStress The Mess Survival kits are designed with the idea that we all have the ability to make small changes in our lives to minimize how stress impacts our body. We just need a little bit of encouragement, motivation, and perhaps information on the choices we have to live a life that is well and joyful. All of these survival kits come from things that I have done and in some cases are still doing to achieve a work/life balance, stay well, and overcome the hormonal stress that comes with everyday life. Each kit has:

  • 21 day calendar of tips
  • Set Your Day in a Positive Way
  • Audio‚Äôs to motivate, encourage and inspire
  • DeStress The Mess Affirmations and Scripture
  • DeStress The Mess Movement Guide
  • DeStress The Mess 7 Menu Plan
  • Great informational handouts specific to the Survival Kit Topic
  • FREE Access to the Monthly DeStress The Mess Newsletter

DeStress The Mess gift Bags and Baskets

Price:$25.00 and up

Wonderful and creative custom-made gifts and baskets filled with products to help reduce the stress and increase the relaxation and joy in your life. Products include teas, essential oils, bath salts, homemade recipes, journals, gratitude/affirmation cards, aromatherapy candles and more... Great gifts for the holidays, showers, thank you gifts and more!
For more information email us at or call 916-706-7565


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