Destress The Mess - ebook manual and journal - with Lynnis of Praiseworks

PraiseWorks Wellness Coaching

PraiseWorks Wellness Coaching is dedicated to assisting you along your path to total wellness for the mind, body and spirit; which is achieved by making lifestyle changes through the use of holistic practices and fitness. We specialize in holistic stress reduction and helping Women to learn how to minimize the impact of stress on their bodies so that they can increase the joy in their life.

DeStress The Mess

Learn to minimize the impact of stress on your body through holistic practices and fitness. Our coaching covers such topics as:

  • Foods that will improve your diet and minimize the impact of stress
  • Herbs,essential oils, vitamins and other supplements that help to fortify your body against stress
  • Exercises and movements that help release "happy" hormones to combat depression and other mood swings as a result of stress
  • Application of visualization, affirmation, meditation, and prayer to your everyday regime
  • "Set your day" in a positive way
  • DeStress The Mess Special Green Smoothie Recipes

and more...

DeStress The Mess in 21 Days LIVE Program

  • 21 DeStress The Mess Tips delivered daily in your email
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Audio Tips
  • Supplemental Videos
  • During duration of program unlimited access for follow-up questions

BONUS – one additional 50 minute personal coaching call

BONUS –E-Book "DeStress The Mess – Minimizing The Impact of Stress on Your Body…Maximizing The Joy in Your Life"

Offered 4 times a year
Next class starts May 26th 2014

Price: $147.00


DeStress The Mess in 21 Days

  • 21 DeStress The Mess Tips delivered daily in your email
  • Add 50 minute personal coaching call for only $50.00
  • Add unlimited email support during 21 Day program only $20.00

BONUS – 3 Audio DeStress The Mess Tips

This program is self-directed so you start at any time!

Price: $47.00


DeStress The Mess – One Hour LIVE Webinar (Scheduled 4 times a year) FREE

Next Class May 19, 2014 - Click Here to Register for FREE


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"Coach Lynnis, Thank you so much for helping me to De-Stress My Mess. Since going through the program I have experienced transformation in my eating habits, daily spiritual fitness and ability to cope with stress. I would recommend the De-Stress Your Mess program to anyone seeking to learn strategies to cope with stress, and improve mentally, physically and spiritually."

-Jacki Kash
Author, Visionary & Best known as Women's Empowerment Expert

"you are motivating me to at least do better from now on!!! I have to deal with the consequences of my bad habbits from the first 50 years (i.e., Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & Kidney Failure). For the past 6 years I have been doing what I am supposed to do, and learning more from your PraiseWorks info on nutrition and exercise! So I am in much better health despite all of my ills. My sugar is better controlled. I am only taking one HBP med instead of three. And I never miss a Dialysis treatment! So I thank God everyday that I am still here!!! And I thank God for you inspiration and support too!!!"

-S.Walters McQueen

"Lynnis I am now in a wellness program here in Columbus In. I feel awesome, and thanks for the encouragement. What a difference it is making. Your coaching and my spa have given me a route to rebirth. Thanks for caring enough to encourage me and so many others. When I come back I want to be just like you.Too old to say,when I grow up, but that too, for you are helping me to do just that!


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